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Top Trade Facility Reasons

  • Need LC to provide the Supplier.
  • Need SBLC as a guarantee for Trade / Contracts.
  • Performance Guarantee to win a Contract.
  • Many reasons, to grow your business.

Trade Finance
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✓ Letter of Credit
✓ Standby Letter of Credit
✓ Bank Guarantee
✓ Back to Back Letter of Credit
✓ Documentary Letter of Credit at sight
✓ Documentary Usance Letter of Credit
✓ Performance Bond
✓ Working Capital
✓ Funding Upto 3 Million

Assest Finance

✓ Vehicle Purchase
✓ Vehicle Lease
✓ Machinery Purchase
✓ Factory Equipments
✓ Computer Equipments
✓ Machinery Parts
✓ Other Assets
✓ Funding Upto 5 Million

Property Finance

✓ Buying Property
✓ Buying Land
✓ Upto 75% of the Value
✓ Residential Property
✓ Commercial Property
✓ Funding Upto 10 Million

Structured Finance

✓ Combination of Trade Finance, Asset Finance, Property Finance
✓ Specialist will discuss the requirement
✓ Feasible Solution within 72 Hours
✓ Funding Upto 1.5 Million

  • Business Loan
    We facilitate business loans for our clients that help them in the following areas: Customers whose turnover is under 3 M can apply too by filling in the application form. We aim for fast approval and quick funding for our clients while achieving an approval ratio of 8:10 whether you are a local or an international customer, we understand all your needs regarding trade finance support or cash flow crises. So do not hesitate to contact us for any information or assistance from our end as customer satisfaction is our core value.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    We as a company would like to offer our teams expertise in Trade Finance to new upcoming trading company’s. By providing them with a Structured Trade Finance Solution. Our 2020 CSR objective is to create a pool of Trading companies. Who can project values such as, Financial Sustainability. Community Focus. Product Price Competitiveness. Strong Trade Footprints. Encourage Young and Elder Entrepreneur. Women Empowerment. COVID-19 Ready. As we will progress towards our collective goals. We would be collaborating with Local Community, Government Entities and Financial Bodies. If you see yourself or your company adding value in achieving our 2020 CSR objective. […]
  • Factoring
    WHAT IS FACTORING? A form of receivables purchase, in which sellers of goods and services sell their receivables (represented by outstanding invoices) at a discount to a finance provider (commonly known as the ‘factor’). A key differentiator of factoring is that typically the finance provider becomes responsible for managing the debtor portfolio and collecting the payment of the underlying receivables. The origins of factoring can be traced back to business dealings in England as early as the 1400’s. Around 1620, it was introduced to the Americas by the Pilgrims and grew as an effective means for companies to increase their cash flow. […]
  • Incoterm categories
    There are 11 Incoterms, which are for use in domestic and international transactions. Each one sets out the obligations of the seller and buyer under the sales contract and indicates the point at which responsibility is transferred from seller to buyer. The seller’s obligations escalate from EXW (‘ex-works’ – the minimum) to DDP (‘delivered duty paid’ – the maximum). Any obligation that does not appear in a particular Incoterm is the responsibility of the buyer unless the sales contract states otherwise. The 11 Incoterms are divided into two groups: seven that are suitable for any mode or modes of transport; […]
  • Letter of Credit
    A letter of credit is basically a bank guarantee which promises that the exporter is fully covered for the goods he delivers to the importer. The buyer’s bank usually issues it and is either presented to the seller or the seller’s chosen financial institution. Once the seller has completed certain specific terms mentioned in the LC, they can be assured of receiving the payment. An LC is particularly useful for newer businesses, as it is a form of financial credibility to attract foreign parties. Indian, UAE companies can also benefit from incorporating letters of credit in their international deals. Most […]
  • Letter of Credit Application – Available with Which Bank
    What should appear in the bank field? The bank to whom the beneficiary may present its documents for payment, deferred payment, acceptance or negotiation (when other than the issuing bank, this bank is referred to as the nominated bank). When the nominated bank is the advising bank or any bank, the beneficiary also has the choice of presenting its documents directly to the issuing bank. When this field indicates that the documentary credit is available with any bank, the beneficiary may present its documents to any bank. The scope of the term ‘any bank’ will be narrowed by the inclusion of […]

Close your Top Business Finance Deal for Import / Export LC within minutes.

Top Solutions that we provide you with are,

  • Letter of Credit
  • Back to Back Letter of Credit
  • Bank Letter of Credit
  • Documentary Letter of Credit at Sight
  • Documentary Usance Letter of Credit
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Bank Guarantee / Letter of Guarantee
  • Performance Bonds
  • Discounting of Letter of Credit Pre / Post Shipment.
  • Irrevocable Letter of Credit
  • Monetizing Letter of Credit

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