About Us

London Trade Capital (LTC) is a trade facilitator. We ensure that all our corporate clients get through the right issuer that specialises in Trade Finance banking instruments. Such as Letter of Credits and Standby Letter of Credits. In terms of any Finance, we have strategic tie-ups with relevant bodies. We are a non-banking financial institution that facilitates international business transactions by connecting our corporate clients to the right service provider. Our advisory desks in London is comprised of banking professionals from around the world.


LTC specializes in assisting of Capital/Securities for Businesses, Trade Finance (TF) and Commodity Trading Deals that mostly involve supporting Credit facilities, financial assurances and issuing financial guarantees to back up payment commitments and obligations for commodity trading and purchase of goods and industrial raw materials, most commonly of international nature. For example – a business entity is required to make or extend a payment commitment assurance in the same country or in another country on a specific account ( i.e., an extension of credit facilities with his banker or financial institution, delay payments to his supplier etc), LTC would support the transaction by guiding towards an issuing an acceptable financial guarantee or extending already issued guarantee on behalf of or for the said business entity to back up its payment obligations thereby fulfilling a customer’s specific needs. In other words, LTC acts as a facilitator between clients and banks to finance trade, working capital and project funding deals.


These transactions are usually done using appropriate Financial Instruments such as – Letters of Credit (LCs), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs), Letters of Guarantee (LG) etc. issued by banks and financial institutions and are a demonstration to the receiver/seller that the issuer/buyer has the capacity to pay for the transaction or the goods purchased.

We are the facilitator – A non-banking financial institution that facilitates local and international business transactions.